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Medical Cannabis comes to Mississippi

Medical Cannabis comes to Mississippi

After more than 18 months, the State of Mississippi has approved Medical Cannabis!

Initially approved in November of 2020 through a state-wide vote, the legislation was ‘invalidated’ by the Supreme Court in May, as the voting was conducted using an outdated process (signature gathering).

Ultimately, the actions of the Supreme Court merely delayed providing legal access to medical cannabis. As of July 1, 2022, medical patients can access quality cannabis for treatment of their various illnesses. While legal, the supply chain will be a bottleneck for the industry, as operators applications could only be submitted as of June 1, 2022, and have yet to be reviewed.

Approval of medical cannabis is an amazing (and overdue) indicator of the demand for alternative medicines, and represents a shift in thinking about cannabis.

To apply for medical patient status, or licensing, visit the Mississippi State Department of Health website

To read more about this monumental occasion, visit The Oxford Eagle.

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