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POTUS’ Marijuana Directive Pardons Thousands

POTUS’ Marijuana Directive Pardons Thousands

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden published a directive to pardon low-level marijuana possession convictions. The move, which was a talking point in Biden’s campaign for presidency, was long awaited and fell flat for many suffering under the weight of a cannabis conviction.

All told, Biden’s pardon will provide forgiveness to over 6,500 Americans. This number is nothing to bock at – 6,500 people who were suffering under the restrictions of a conviction can once again (or for the first time) enjoy freedoms like the Right to Vote, they can occupy state or local office, or even sit on a jury.

The announcement from Biden was the first domino to fall, as 21 States have since enacted legislature to facilitate the expunging, vacating, or sealing of records for those convicted of low-level cannabis crimes. In total, more than 2 million people have had their cannabis convictions expunged or sealed.

While many States have followed the lead of Biden, Republicans are slow to accept or implement similar legislature. We can speculate as to why Republican leaders are dragging their heels, but with the recent bump in Biden’s support we think it is quite evident.

President Joe Biden mas made an indelible mark on citizens of the United States, their political stage, and the lives of millions – just because it was once a crime, does not mean you should suffer under its prohibition forever – or bear the weight of an innocent conviction for the rest of your life.

We support POTUS’ decision to grant forgiveness, and look forward to seeing the rest of the State dominoes to fall!
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