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Small Batch products welcomed to the Quebec Market

Small Batch products welcomed to the Quebec Market

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), the governing body of cannabis in Quebec, has introduced a new pilot project, dubbed Petite Lot or Project Petits lots de fleurs séchées. This new allowance permits micro producers an opportunity to introduce products into the Quebec market.

These new products, to be sold exclusively in a 3.5g format with prices starting at $25 (CDN), must be unique to the provincial market and can bypass the existing provincial product calls. Further consideration by the SQDC includes limits on production (under 40 kg), must abide by the governing body’s guidelines, employ eco-friendly packaging, and will take into account growing mediums and methods.

From our perspective, this move is the first of many that can permit micro-licensees to bring their product direct to market. As a pilot project, it will be tested in select SQDC stores across the province, helping to provide a baseline for consumer interest and help with the proliferation of unique products in the restrictive Quebec market. The initial project will introduce 10 "petite lots" to the market, available to consumers between mid-November and January 2023. Sales of these select products will help the SQDC determine if the pilot project was a success, and if the program will continue. Full implementation of the program will launch in April or May of 2023, provided it is approved.

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