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Uber Eats... You Mean Uber Weed, right?

Uber Eats... You Mean Uber Weed, right?

In a not-so shocking announcement, Uber Eats, the food delivery service, has entered into agreements with select Toronto dispensaries to deliver your cannabis products.

As a result of the COVID Pandemic, select provincial governments allowed for home delivery of licensed cannabis. This move represented a major shift in the industry, one that made operating a retail cannabis store more manageable, as stay-at-home orders were still selectively in place.

Orders in select Toronto regions can be placed via the Uber Eats app, and will be delivered by CannSell certified staff. CannSell is the training program for licensed Budtenders currently employed by the Ontario governments.

With nearly half of all Canadians purchasing their cannabis products from the illicit market, having a delivery option for legal products will help to attract new consumers to the licensed and quality tested cannabis products. As many are aware, illicit cannabis is not tested for contaminants, quality, or pesticides. When consumed, impure or contaminated cannabis can negatively effect health.

Moreover, the addition of cannabis delivery will help reduce instances of cannabis-impaired driving, as consumers will no longer need to travel home after purchase. With less need to travel to purchase your cannabis, it is believed that the rate of impaired driving will see a reduction.

Whether you are buying your cannabis from a licensed retailer, having it delivered with your dinner, or you have it growing in your backyard, we urge you to #ConsumeResponsibly.

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