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Our Story

In October of 2018, cannabis was fully legalized in Canada. Since then, cannabis has continued to move to take its place alongside whisky and wine as a product that deserves to be curated and showcased.  

Driven by curiosity and led by market demand, serial entrepreneurs Neil and Jason created KookiJar: physical and digital storage solution for cannabis enthusiasts who want to leave the stigma and stereotypes behind as they curate and showcase their flower.  As new enthusiasts themselves, they couldn't find a product that would let them store and explore their personal cannabis experience.  So they created their own.  

Today, KookiJar is leading the de-stigmatization of cannabis, with showcase-able physical storage and a personalized digital app.  Our glass jars ensure freshness, and our innovative, custom-designed magnifying lid lets you view your flower in detail.  Connect to our app so you can keep track of what you've collected in each jar, capture how you experienced it, and discover how to curate a collection that suits your preferences.