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High quality, zero smell.

The leather quality on the outside of the bag is amazing and the interior mesh and carbon keeps the smell in the bag. Definitely my go to for weekend or beach trips as it's the perfect size for a couple of doob tubes and a lighter.


Tyler T - Victoria BC

AMAZING... Love this jar! Keeps my grass so fresh and perfect for travelling! Highly recommend this product if you usually travel with grass. The blackout is my favourite part as well as the airtight seal. It also holds a lot of my grass and it’s better than buying plastic containers!


Hannah H - Calgary AB

That thing has been a saver for sure. Always getting in trouble for stanking up the lunch room at work. Now I can have a half a joint in my on the go stash bag and no smell at all.


Angela C - Port Perry ON

Yea that's smooth. Just like the smoke I'll have after the buds cure in a KookiJar.


Vindicated Vet - Swanton VT

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