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You put your weed in it.


Your in-house cannabis library. 

Weed Storage App by KookiJar. Cannabis storage, glass storage jars. Weed child proof storage pouch


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We’ve built a space for you to document your journey with cannabis. Learn from a community of like-minded individuals, while exploring a wide range of brands and strains legally available on the market today. 
  • GROW
  • Start your own personal collection of flower. Remember what you’ve got on-hand, what you’ve tried in the past, or what you’re excited to try next time. Log your content, quantity, purchases, and usage of individual strains. Track your spending and usage habits with personalized charts, graphs, and notes. Recreational users and medicinal users alike: we’re here to help.

  • Explore the ever-growing market of cannabis. Browse the library and learn about hundreds of cannabis strains and their associated uses. Be prepared for your journey with flower - which strains fit your needs? THC or CBD, Sativa or Indica, and much more. Discover the ideal flower for working outdoors, time away from home, or simply relaxing inside with some T.V. No matter the need or desire, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Stay in-the-know with curated cannabis content. All of your favorite content condensed into one convenient space. Visit our Explore & Learn section to stay up to date with reads from all your trusted sources. Learn what’s trending in the cannabis industry with news from your favorite producers, stay informed about new industry-political changes, and all your other cannabis-desired content. 

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    What our customers are saying

    This was the upgrade I was looking for. Throw a humidity pack in and I'm set. Stays fresh for weeks!

    Tyler C. from Halifax

    Sleek jar design, stays fresh for weeks!

    Trevor C. from Halifax

    The app is awesome and informative -- all my collection at my fingertips.

    Tina J. from Ottawa

    KookiJar will revolutionize the storage and management of our customers' personal cannabis storage.  We will most definitely be carrying the KookiJar and placing it prominently in our retail stores.

    Derek N. Dispensary Owner

    I've started to pair my jars with the App and it's awesome. Right at my fingertips, anytime I want. I have two dark jars and some clear jars too. Looks like a fancy spice rack. Very happy with my purchases.

    Lidia Z. from Toronto