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The KookiJar App

What is the KookiJar App, you ask?

Early on, when designing the KookiJar storage product line, we decided we also wanted to build an app to allow people to easily journal their experiences with cannabis.  With the help of the KJ community, the app has morphed into a wealth of cannabis-related resources that can help newcomers and veterans alike.

The app includes over 900 cannabis strains that you can lookup to discover the effects, flavors, scents, and activities tied to each strain.  You can provide your input on each to help the community out.

Talk to "Ask KJ", our virtual budtender, to help you find the next strains to try.

The KJ Staff keeps the Explore section fresh with new content daily.

Where can I download the app?

The KookiJar app is available for both Android and Apple devices:

I have an idea for the app!

Awesome!  Come over to our Discord server to chat with the KookiJar team.  We are community-centric and are building this app with you at the center of it.