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Blueberry Syrup - QWEST

Blueberry Syrup - QWEST

I have a busy life. The cannabis industry is so rapidly evolving that taking a night off from following it can mean you missed important news; a new merger or acquisition, a new state legalizing, or even more drastic - changes in how the industry operates.
It is a time-consuming love affair I have with the cannabis industry. It’s one that my life, physical and mental health lean on to help maintain balance and perspective. Some days are easy and I can manage with little-to-no help, while others require a little more assistance.

I recently moved but had been looking for something to help with the inevitable pain of lifting, twisting and contorting my body to get boxes and furniture around stairwells and through my new house without damaging walls, paint, or my ego (I don’t often ask for help). With a move in the near future, I reached out to a colleague from the industry for a recommendation. Rich from QWEST took the time to chat with me and suggested I try their Blueberry Syrup, an Indica-dominant hybrid that proved effective and versatile.

We started our move early but not too early, so I got to start my day with a coffee and a pinner. Immediately upon opening the jar (bonus points to QWEST Cannabis for choosing #GlassOverPlastic) I was greeted with the aroma of wild blueberries; not the ones you find in the store, but those delicious and miniature sized ones that are only sold at roadside stands or found walking through nature. As a legacy guy, this brought me back to my late teens – when payday was associated with great flowers, and not bills, income tax, RRSP contributions, or mortgage payments.

Gently removing the humidity pack (another sign QWEST cares about their cannabis and your experience) exposed beautifully trimmed, purple buds with a healthy coat of mature trichomes. Placing them inside my Crush Grinder and giving it a twist was a bittersweet moment; sometimes I want to keep them just how nature (and the cultivators) intended – but I am not that strong-willed and the day ahead was looming. Once rolled and outside, I trimmed the twisted end and took a brief dry pull. Sweetness, subtle tartness & a light earthy flavour were present; all amplified when taken to a flame. Of note, when lit, there was a distinct peppery flavour that intertwined with the berries leaving me with questions of how to classify this strain - I've settled on dessert, as it reminds me of a chocolate chili concoction I had long ago. Sweet with a kick.

After a couple pulls in the early morning light I noticed a few things. The building anxiety of moving was gone, not reduced, but gone. I was excited to move, and nerves no-longer got in the way. The pain I typically feel in my hip was eased and I was moving unencumbered. I also noticed a distinct elevation in my mood – uplifted and willing to face a long-day, head on. I was ready, albeit still in my PJs.

After a long day of moving and unpacking, I was sore again and thinking of all the things left to do. Queue Blueberry Syrup round two. This time around I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me. The biggest job was done, no one was injured, no damage incurred, and I could get some rest. The Blueberry Syrup helped with that too. Soon after realizing that I could rest, I was gently drifting off into a long, restful sleep.

Suffice to say, I am thankful to my friends and family who helped with my move, QWEST for producing a flavourful strain and making it available at a very reasonable price, and Rich for the recommendation.

With so many things rapidly changing in the industry, the increasing complexity of life, and the general state of the world, its nice to know that there is a versatile and enjoyable flower out there to help me through the tough days. This one goes on my recommendation list now, too.


***Disclaimer: Cannabis reviews are not paid, but selected by the author based on available information, recommendations, and searching products with specific intent. If you would like to have your cannabis flower reviewed, please contact KookiJar directly.

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