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KookiJar Joins the Cannabis Council of Canada

KookiJar Joins the Cannabis Council of Canada

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3)! Their mission is to act as a voice for members when promoting industry standards; support the development, growth, and integrity of the regulated cannabis industry; and be a resource for issues related to the safe and responsible use of cannabis (medical & non-medical alike).

Headed by George Smitherman, Ontario’s longest serving Health Minister, the organization works with industry stakeholders to help establish goals and a framework to improve on various aspects of the industry.

The KookiJar Team is thrilled to have an opportunity to contribute and support the goals collectively set forth by C3 and its member organizations.

It just so happens we joined many of the members at Grass on the Hill. Our goal is to influence the decision makers in helping reshape the legal industry, focusing on the “5 Big Asks”:

1. Address the financial viability of Licence holders – fix the excise tax, mark-ups and fees.
2. Level playing field with the illicit market.
3. Allow Licence holders to communicate with consumers, including about the effects of cannabis.
4. Eliminate costly “red tape” and unnecessary “Nanny State” regulations.
5. Strengthen patient access to medical cannabis.

We made headway and helped illuminate the perils and plights of the current market, while focusing on opportunities to improve the industry - not only for businesses, but also for consumers.

Joining C3 was a crucial first step for KookiJar to amplify our voice. We proudly take the next ones with the Cannabis Council of Canada.

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