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KookiMike Reviews: Wedding Mint from Truro Cannabis

KookiMike Reviews: Wedding Mint from Truro Cannabis

I love sports, but they don’t always love me back. When COVID became a reality and social distancing restrictions got implemented, I stopped playing most of them. This year, I started playing in a local co-ed softball league. It isn’t great ball, but it’s with great people and very entertaining.

Now, for those that don’t know me, I am competitive. Not in the sense that I believe I am going to be some pro-athlete, or the best, but I sure don’t like to lose – often risking injury for the sake of a run scored, or an extra base.

A few weeks ago, I was rounding third base and got a “brush” from the third baseperson. I rolled my ankle and tumbled towards the dugout like a kid who hasn’t grown into the size of their head yet. Gravel and dust kicked up everywhere. My team checked on me, pointing out some new wounds on my elbows and knees, making sure I was okay to continue - then proceeding to laugh at my lack of coordination. I laughed too. The game ended (with a loss – though not close) and we all went our separate ways.

I was tender walking to my car; my ankle throbbed and was visually swelling. I knew I had done some damage, and that pain would be a daily reminder of my inability to stay upright – at least for awhile. I have a small aversion to taking pills – not that they don’t have their time and place (when prescribed or desperately needed), but my preference is towards natural medicine.

The next day I stopped by my preferred local dispensary and spoke to the budtender about my pain, the inflammation, and my trouble sleeping the night before. Always one to consider a recommendation, I asked for one and they put me onto Truro Cannabis. Now, my job (in part) is to keep abreast of the industry, new brands, strains and products. As a flower forward guy, I tend to stick to what I know, and what I know works for me. Well, I did a quick search of Truro and looked up their Wedding Mint. Wedding Cake and Kush Mints #11 make up parent lineage of this flower – an indica-dominant hybrid – right up my alley.

The budtender handed me Truro’s plastic covered tin can – nitrogen gas packed flower**. A quick look and I see the top 3 terpenes listed – Linalool, Limonene, Caryophyllene. This is how I shop, not on price or public perception, but based on the terpene profile. Terpenes help provide you with a guide on how the plant will “likely” make you feel. From our work with The Amazing Flower (check out their 2022 Pocket Guide in the KookiJar App). I know that these three terpenes are all reported to help with inflammation and spasms, and two with pain. Simply said, it was sold right then. I didn’t care about price, I wanted an effective medicine for my present needs.

When I arrived home, I popped that top. BAM! No visual yet, but what an intoxicating aroma! Sweet, citrus, and hint of currant? It brought me back to my childhood – just for a moment – walking through the garden and sneaking blackberries while my grandma’s back was turned. When I finally got the lid off, I saw these pristine and naturally shaped buds. No PGR (plant growth regulator) here, these buds were fluffy, abstract shaped, and mostly white – so densely covered in trichomes that I needed to inspect them. They went right into my Compact KookiJar for inspection and storage. With my trusty Trichome Lamp and a gentle turn of my wrist, I was able to get a better view of these buds. I wish I took a picture for you all, because these trichomes were mature and lush. No mold, no pests, not even sugar leaves – all bud – kudus to the harvest and trim team from Truro on this one.

Enough teasing myself. Into the Crush it goes, and rolled up in King Sized paper. Yes, I said King Sized – no, my partner doesn’t smoke. I hurt myself, and now I am going to take (and enjoy) my medicine.

That first pull – a dry pull – tasted like black currant and mint. With the strike of a wooden match, it was ablaze. No lighters or butane would taint this flavor, it was too good to waste. Within a few minutes I was at ease. The throbbing was gone and the pressure in my ankle subsided. I could have stopped there, and have been known to, but it was just too tasty. Hints of citrus and berry, with a doughy, almost creamy smoke. I was enjoying this far too much to put it out. As it burned, and the resin legs proceeded further and further down my joint, I forgot all my aches and pains. I reveled in the moment. I replayed the moment I got clipped rounding third, and was oddly thankful. If not for that, I would not have ventured to find a plant-based medicine. I would not have bought the Wedding Mint, and I would not be able to tell you how much I loved it, how effective it was at treating my pain, or how impressed I am with the cultivation team at Truro Cannabis.

I have a library of cannabis at home. I am not one to smoke the same strain everyday. I smoke with intent. I had a goal in mind, and Wedding Mint achieved what I was looking for. Over the next few days I chose to consume this flower only when needed, as it calmed my mind, eased my pain, relaxed and relieved any tension in my body, allowing me to drift off peacefully. I still have one small bud left, but this will be stocked in my bud bar for a long time to come.




** For those of you who haven’t experienced Nitrogen Packaging, think pop-top tuna can, filled with nitrogen. Nitrogen is non-reactive with cannabis, unlike oxygen, so buds packaged in these tins are essentially the same from packaging until the seal is broken. It’s a neat solution, but one with flaws – after opening, the package is not airtight when closed allowing for airflow, and a progressive degradation of your trichomes.


***Disclaimer: Cannabis reviews are not paid, but selected by the author, based on available information, recommendations, and searching products with specific intent. If you would like a Cannabis Review, please contact KookiJar directly.

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