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Orange Tingz - Pistol and Paris

Orange Tingz - Pistol and Paris


This past weekend I made a new friend.

Her name is Orange Tingz, and having her with me made my weekend.

To lay it out there, I am a long-time consumer with a medical license for pain management and anxiety.

When searching for a new strain, I look for a number of things, but one of the biggest is transparency from the parent company (in this case, it’s Pistol and Paris).

Before I consume, I want to know how it was grown, what substrate was used, if they irradiated their flower (Why bother?! It's garbage now anyways) and how open they are about their process. I rarely (almost never) buy flower that doesn’t list their terpene percentages.

I read reviews and look at what others in the industry are saying, but this has never been the key criteria for my selections.

Do I enjoy a high THC flower? In the right situation, sure.

Do I enjoy a discount flower on occasion? Who doesn’t?!

Do either of these questions factor in when I shop for myself? Never.

I am all about Terpenes, aroma, flavor, and the entourage effect. If you’ve heard about Terpenes, but don’t understand what they do, then I suggest you take a moment to look at the 2022 Pocket Guide from The Amazing Flower (you can find it in the KookiJar App).

So, I spoke with a budtender at my local dispensary. Even when you are an informed consumer, speaking to a Budtender is always recommended. They often have unique insights, have tried it themselves, and can provide you with first-hand accounts (like this review). It is their job to know the product and help you find something that is right for you. Never overlook them.

Matt (the budtender) and myself chatted about the company and the customer feedback he’s been getting. While he was looking in the back for other high-terpene flowers (often my #1 criteria), I checked out the Pistol and Paris website. You know what I found? It literally made me jump and shout. I found COAs for all regions for all their strains. This sealed the deal for me. Literally no more questions were asked. I bought it and made my way home, with a smile and full of excitement.

On to the Review

Packaging – Black glass jar. HUGE checkmark here. For those who don’t know already, most packaging in the industry is single-use plastic, and does not help preserve quality. There are a number of factors that impact cannabis quality, but storage is a massive one.

First impression – Open the jar, pull back the safety seal. BAM! Like being smacked in the face with a bag of oranges wrapped in wildflowers. Citrus and floral scents wafted around the room, and drew me in like the window-silled pies of the cartoons I grew up watching. The aroma is on point, but how does it look inside?

Happy Customer Point #1 – humidity pack included. No over-drying and terpene loss here.

Happy Customer Point #2 – no smalls! Inside was one giant bud – clearly a top kola (2.8g) – and a smaller pristine bud (0.7g).

Close inspection using a KookiJar Lid stepped up my excitement. Not only were these flowers dense, organically shaped and freckled with rusty orange pistils, but they were frosted so heavily I had to take a picture (see my Instagram for an image). Dense but not a rock, sticky and aromatic. Beautifully trimmed and handled with care. I could tell this was going to be a worthwhile experience. Pistol and Paris clearly care about their brand, and what they put their name on (kudos to JBuds Craft Cannabis on this one – they grew it).

Into the Crush Grinder it goes. A quick couple twists of the lid, and I’m ready to roll. Again, slapped in the face with orange peels and wisps of wildflower. Twist it up in a Classic Rolling Paper and outside I go. A quick dry pull to get familiar with her – citrus rind, hints of berry? Where was that earlier?!

Take a flame to it, and a nice long haul. Hold. 1. 2. 3. Exhale. Sweetness is first, then the citrus climbs forward and takes over for a brief moment. Here comes the berry, sweet and tart, kind of like a wild blackberry. Tasty doesn’t do it justice. As white ash started to appear beyond the cherry, some lovely resin legs growing towards the filter. The flavor remained rather fruit and citrus forward for the first 2/3, and then out of nowhere, a little spice – the caryophyllene arrives – and delivers a little heat; that peppery finish. It was so unexpected and mixed seamlessly with the citrus. The play of sweet and heat is so common in the culinary world (think chocolate and chili pepper), it was a joy to experience it in my flower.

After a few pulls, I exhaled and with the smoke went my anxiety, pain, and the unfortunate hangover from the night before (St. Patrick’s Day). Not something I would typically include, but COVID has turned many things up to 11, including anxiety. As someone who hunts for effects and flavors, I was only half done my joint, and already in love.

Over the weekend, I expanded my testing to include other avenues of consumption. A Storz & Bickel Volcano was next. The flavors were there, but oddly muted. Nevertheless, the experience was the same. Alert, energized, yet euphoric and complete devoid of stress or anxiety (maybe for the first time since COVID started). A quick pull on the One-Hitter before attending a packed-house comedy show, and lastly a blunt to wind down the weekend. Regardless of how it was consumed, the effects were consistent, the flavor persistent, and the experience was top-notch.

This is the type of cannabis that everyone deserves. From the initial impression (Woo Glass!) to the last pull, I was overjoyed with my purchase. From the Limonene (Citrus) easing anxiety, to the Caryophyllene (Pepper) helping with pain, to the overall euphoria and consistency of the flower, I cannot get enough of the Orange Tingz by Pistol and Paris.

I even bought a second jar, just to be sure.

***Disclaimer: Cannabis reviews are not paid, but selected by the author based on available information, recommendations, and searching products with specific intent. If you would like to have your cannabis flower reviewed, please contact KookiJar directly.

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Scott granville - July 15, 2022

Hey Mike that was a great description! I’ll keep a lookout for that strain,

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