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Picket Lines for Union workers and growing pains for privately owned retailers

Picket Lines for Union workers and growing pains for privately owned retailers

The British Columbia Employees’ Union is taking action against their employers. On Monday, August 15th, union workers began picketing provincially run liquor & cannabis distribution centres, while continuing to work their scheduled shifts.

Action against and picketing of retail stores is not currently planned, so it should not impact the immediate viability of retailers in BC, but don’t think they are getting away without being penalized.

An internal notice was shared with British Columbia Liquor Distribution (BCLD), the provincial governing body, noting the impending strike action. This information was not shared with privately owned and operated retailers. So, the BCLD had advanced notice that distribution would be temporarily halted, providing their buyers with ample time to stock up on inventory. Meanwhile, private retail owners and managers were surprised with the notice, and that their upcoming deliveries would not arrive on time.

So, your favorite products may not be in store when you show up, but rest assured, retailers are working to get restocked. Fortunately, BC recently approved direct product purchases between retailers and small processors & producers.

Your supply may be running low, but with the plethora of quality cannabis available from small operations in the province, you won’t need to worry or conserve your weed. Maybe you’ll even come across a new product that is just right for you!

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