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Quebec Medical Cannabis is dealt a blow, as funding for Santé Quebec dries up

Quebec Medical Cannabis is dealt a blow, as funding for Santé Quebec dries up

Santé Cannabis, an organization that connects patients with resources for locating medical cannabis and how to use it, is experiencing financial hardship. Public funding and private grants from cannabis companies are the primary source of financing for the organization. The impact of the COVID pandemic has hit the industry and community, who now have less funds to support the organization.

As the only no-fee medical cannabis service in Quebec, this drastic decrease in funding is hurting medical patients in 'la belle provence'. Since the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) does not offer medical advice or support, and guidance is also not provided at pharmacies, hospitals or clinics, Santé Cannabis is the primary advocate and resource for many seeking medical cannabis.

With so much money being generated by provinces from the legalization and taxation of cannabis, one would hope that some of these revenues will be shared with organizations in the industry, especially those that are supporting the greater cannabis community.

Erin Prosk, President and Co-Founder of Santé Cannabis has said that about 1% of the $66.5 million generated by the SQDC would ensure the continuity of Santé Cannabis. For the vulnerable population that is served by Santé Cannabis, this funding would help protect their access and secure the resources they rely upon for medicinal information and medical cannabis support.

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