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Spark in the Park – A second helping

Spark in the Park – A second helping

The Cannabis industry is a unique one. With the rapid expansion of retail locations, one would assume that competition is fierce. While competition exists, and every dollar counts, the fact remains that we are all part of the greater pro-cannabis community.

Three incredible brand reps from the Ottawa region banded together to create an industry-inclusive meet-up, dubbed “Spark in the Park”.

A non-traditional cannabis gathering, Spark in the Park focused on creating an environment of camaraderie and inclusiveness, giving retail employees an opportunity to interact with brands outside of their store. There was music, games, laughter, and plenty of cannabis. If you had questions about a product, the reps were more than willing to share their knowledge. Unsure of how your favorite edibles are made? You could ask that too. Just want to relax and share a puff? There are joints a-plenty going around.

Meet-ups like this are more scarce than we originally thought, but having participated in Spark in the Park, we solemnly swear that we won’t miss one going forward.

Special thanks go out to Alex, Rich, and Sam for organizing this amazing get-together, to all the reps who showed up and shared, and to all the budtenders and store managers who came out, took part, and helped cement the notion that we are all in this together.

The cannabis community is amazing. Everyone who is involved with this industry wants to see it move forward, with support from the government and the communities it serves. Bringing a “new” industry into fruition is never easy, and in a highly regulated space it can be damned difficult, but what will always remain is the love we share for this plant, and each other. Spark in the Park really hammered that home – everyone wants success, for themselves and their brands, but for the others too!
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