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KookiJar Deploy Boveda Terpene Shield Program To Protect Flower

KookiJar Deploy Boveda Terpene Shield Program To Protect Flower

Ottawa, Canada, January 18, 2022

KookiJar, a company focused on the de-stigmatization of cannabis, with showcase-able physical storage and a personalized digital app is proud to announce its partnership with Boveda, the global leader in two-way humidity control and makers of The Original Terpene Shield.

Darren MacDonald, CEO of KookiJar stated, “We have an established commitment to providing top quality cannabis storage and packaging, and our investment in including Boveda’s terpene shields with our storage solutions will guarantee that all our customers’ flowers are protected from the problem of terpene evaporation, preserving its aroma and flavor and maximizing its therapeutic effects.”

Only Boveda’s patented salt solution can provide a monolayer coating of purified water molecules around the cannabis trichomes, shielding them against oxidation. This protective barrier preserves active ingredients and prevents over-drying, ensuring the flower remains at its peak until the time of consumption.

Sean Knutsen, Boveda, CEO, said, “We are proud to partner with KookiJar. Their inclusion of Boveda packs in each jar is a testament to their strong commitment to quality and their desire to offer their customers a consistent terpene-rich experience.”

This partnership will also strengthen KookiJar’s focus on helping consumers preserve their cannabis flowers’ terpenes and mass, thanks to the prevention of lost water weight in flower, an additional benefit of two-way humidity control. This long-term strategy will accelerate growth while simultaneously cementing brand loyalty among the growing number of consumers who desire cannabis stored with a terpene shield.

About KookiJar

Driven by curiosity and led by market demand, KookiJar was founded to showcase and appreciate the cannabis flower through physical and digital storage solutions for cannabis consumers, from new to connoisseur, who want to leave the stigma and stereotypes behind as they curate and showcase their flower.

Designed with a focus on preserving potency and protection cannabis from environmental factors, KookiJar products are ideally suited to help safeguard cannabis and cannabis trichomes. KookiJar differentiates from competitors by designing their storage solutions with an integral, 5x magnifying glass lid, allowing consumers to better inspect and showcase their cannabis. Moreover, KookiJar has developed a free mobile application that can be used to track your current supply, explore hundreds of strains and brands, and learn about the cannabis plant, structure, industry, and so much more.

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Chief Executive Officer

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About Boveda

Boveda Inc., a privately held Minnesota corporation, invented and patented the original terpene shield, which protects dried cannabis in storage, transport, and packaging. Made with all-natural salts and purified water, the brand’s ready-to-use terpene shields allow moisture to pass in and out as necessary through a semipermeable vapor-phase membrane. The purified water creates a powerful monolayer that protects precious trichomes by preventing evaporation and preserving terpenes and other volatile compounds. The global leader in 2-way humidity control solutions, Boveda is trusted by several leading multi-state cannabis operators to ensure their flower retains the aroma, flavor, and effects they were cultivated for.