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Why Glass?


Why Glass? 

Throughout the KookiJar design process, many materials were considered such as hard and soft plastics, various metals and of course, glass. Existing stash jars on the market made of plastic and metal materials are often inexpensive, however, they can cause unwanted flavors due to chemicals leaching out of the container into the stored organic material. What’s worse? These containers can carry static charges which strip cannabinoid rich trichomes off the flower. Ever wonder why little bits always stick to your plastic container? It's thanks to static electricity.  

Mason jars are another popular option when it comes to storing cannabis. While Mason Jars provide a better environment for cannabis than plastic or metal, (as they do not release chemicals or carry a charge), they do not provide an airtight seal. Small amounts of air constantly flow in and out of the Mason Jar unless they are properly sealed in a canning process or similar method. This airflow significantly degrades cannabis flower. Up to 40% of terpenes can be lost within one week of improper storage. Contents in clear glass containers are also under the constant threat of UV and heat damage, as the glass acts as a mini greenhouse trapping humidity and harmful UV rays. 

KookiJars have been designed with the preservation and protection of cannabis flower profiles at the forefront. Featuring a custom thread for a 100% airtight seal, all KookiJars are available in black, UV protective borosilicate glass ensuring up to six months of cannabis flower storage with zero degradation.  

Note: Compact & Tower Jars are available in clear glass, it is not recommended to leave KookiJars in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.  

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