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Curaleaf changes process - does not get away with it

Curaleaf changes process - does not get away with it

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the information on the label of your favorite cannabis product? Did you ever wonder how they calculate these – or why it matters? Well, Curaleaf just found out the hard way that the government is strict on labelling.

Recently, Curaleaf began using a dry-weight measurements for their cannabis product. Dry-weight is largely considered the more accurate measurement when compared to wet-weight measurements. While dry-weight is more accurate, New York State’s Office of Cannabis Management has not approved this metric for analysis.

Wet-weight measurement is the current standard in New York. While dry-weight is commonly viewed as a more accurate representation, and easier to duplicate batch-to-batch and lab-to-lab, New York has not approved the overall process, and thus requires wet-weight measurement and labelling.

For those interested readers asking themselves “what’s the difference?”, we’ve got your answer. When looking at your THC and CBD for your selected product, wet weight measurements are based on testing of your cannabis prior to drying. So overall metrics represent a percentage of cannabinoids based on a heavier weighed product. Dry weight measurements are based on dried and cured flower, meaning the active water (aW) in the plant has been allowed to evaporate. This lowers the weight of the product, but (generally) maintains the cannabinoid content. When measuring cannabinoids of the same product in both a wet weight and dry weight format, the dry weight numbers are significantly higher. This difference can, when not properly explained, influence consumers to believe one product is more potent than another, though they are likely identical.

Curaleaf customers and investors can breathe a sigh of relief (re-leaf) though, as the state is allowing the unsold products to be re-labelled with the wet weight percentages and sold back into the market.

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