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5X Magical Magnifying KookiJar Lid. Custom Weed Storage Solutions

5X Magical Magnifying KookiJar Lid. Custom Weed Storage Solutions

Seeing is believing. Once you get your hands on a KookiJar storage solution you’ll feel the quality right away, but it’s your eyes that will widen with amazement. The patented magnifying lid is totally custom to KookiJar. Our product research and design teams discovered a key motivator for enthusiasts (beyond proper weed storage) was inspection. That sounds pretty scientific, so in simple terms… we like to look at our collection. Now, you can get up close to that flower like never before. The KookiJar lid has a 5x magnification. No more searching for a separate magnifying glass to check out your flower. Everything you need is right there for you to zoom in on your collection. Brings a whole new meaning to hosting a Zoom meeting! Combine the unique magnifying lid and the sleek and stylish glass build, alongside the KookiJar App and you have just leveled-up your storage game. This most likely will be the last Cannabis container you buy.

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KookiJar is a brand new storage solution for Cannabis. Sleek and refined. Made of glass to keep your stash fresher, longer. Each glass weed container comes with an innovative magnifying lid. KookiJar is also an App designed to help you manage your collection and help keep your jars organized. KookiJar is a startup based in Ottawa, Canada. We take Cannabis storage and containers seriously... and we are always open to feedback and collaborations. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Or connect with us by email, HERE. If you’re considering ordering from us, please know we take pride in creating a sophisticated weed storage solution that follows the highest standards for shipping. Rest assured we’ve rigorously tested our packaging and guarantee safe delivery to you.

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