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Why Glass is Best for Weed Storage? The choice is clear! Custom Cannabis Storage.

Why Glass is Best for Weed Storage? The choice is clear! Custom Cannabis Storage.

Begone sandwich bags! Out with the ‘container it comes in’. And good riddance to the dollar store mason jars. Cannabis is taking its rightful place alongside wine and cigars as a lifestyle indulgence worth collecting. The innovation and selection from Canadian (and global) growers is a thing of beauty. More selection. More variety. More choice. We are giving the same level of sophistication to weed storage. Neil and Jason, the co-founders of KookiJar discovered a need for display-worthy weed containers that also keeps the product fresher, longer - answering the question ‘How do I keep my weed fresh?’ After extensive research, the advantage of glass was clear. Glass doesn’t leak chemicals the way plastic sandwich bags can, and doesn’t let the temperature fluctuate. We also offer a series of dark jars that protect your stash from harmful UV rays. Plus, with a tightly sealed lid, glass jars allow for just the right amount of air to help maintain the relative humidity needed to keep cannabis fresh. It's the perfect cannabis storage box, in a jar. Plus, the KookiJar App lets you digitally monitor your collection so you know what you have, when you got it, and when it might be time to get a new strain.

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KookiJar is a brand new storage solution for Cannabis. Sleek and refined. Made of glass to keep your stash fresher, longer. Each glass weed container comes with an innovative magnifying lid. KookiJar is also an App designed to help you manage your collection and help keep your jars organized. KookiJar is a startup based in Ottawa, Canada. We take Cannabis storage and containers seriously... and we are always open to feedback and collaborations. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Or connect with us by email, HERE. If you’re considering ordering from us, please know we take pride in creating a sophisticated weed storage solution that follows the highest standards for shipping. Rest assured we’ve rigorously tested our packaging and guarantee safe delivery to you.

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