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New UK Prime Minister makes her mark early and stops Cannabis Reform in Bermuda

New UK Prime Minister makes her mark early and stops Cannabis Reform in Bermuda

Within days of her taking office, the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, has tipped her hand on the possibility of cannabis reform. Having previously voiced her support of cannabis reform, PM Truss has done a 180 and struck down the potential cannabis revolution in Bermuda.

As a colony of the UK, Bermuda is required to seek blessing for major changes in law, in the form of “royal assent”. The oldest colony under British rule, Bermuda has a long-standing legal reliance on the UK for establishing or changing legal doctrine. When Bermuda submitted their request for royal assent, it was met by an old-world mentality and denied.

Cannabis is being recognized as a viable and effective medicine. Beyond its’ medical capacity, this plant has incredible potential to create positive change in an economy. A legal market would generate immense tax revenue; biomass can be used in textiles, to produce clothing and construction materials; cannabis’ natural oils work as effective lubricants and can be used as fuel; the list continues to grow as more research is being conducted and people begin starting to think of cannabis in a new light.

With many countries toying with legalization, including many global economic leaders, it remains to be seen why the UK leadership is so hesitant to move forward with legalization, either within the boundaries of their kingdom, or in within their colonies.
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