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The Hazy Clouds Emporium - Ottawa On

Meet James Peters Owner of The Hazy Clouds Emporium

KJ: Tell us about your store/location. Where is it and why is it special?

James: Large, Bright, and Clean store - located in Ottawa/south keys - in a small strip plaza with other businesses that mesh well together.

KJ: Please tell us what separates you from your competition?

James: Retail-focused environment - friendly knowledgeable staff-wide variety of ever-changing cannabis paraphernalia.

KJ: Tell us about you and your people. How long have you been doing this? Any interesting stories to share about your journey to get where you are?

James: Moved to Ottawa 9 years ago, took a cashiers position with the old ownership to keep me busy during the winter until I could get a labor job. Two months in I was given a managerial position for their south keys location which quickly became "General manager" for all four locations. One of the old owners passed away from chronic health issues and the remaining owner wanted to move onto something else other than retail and closed down three of the four locations to focus on the one. When I caught word he was looking to rid himself of the last location I made him an offer to take it over for myself. I am now the sole owner of the south keys location.

KJ: Can you share your vision of the future of your shop? The Cannabis industry in general?

James: My vision for my shop is to slowly but surely expand my product variety, possibly add another location when my kids get a bit older and I'm not stretched so thin. My vision for the cannabis industry, in general, is to be a little more inclusive and relaxed on the business' that can participate in selling cannabis, as the rules for that would require me to do a total redo of my current shop which does fairly well as it is.

KJ: Give us one recommendation each for a TV Show, Movie, Book

James: Law and Order (recently have gotten into it big time) - Interstellar (bit of a brain melter after a few puff's ) - Anything in the Lord Of The Rings cannon

KJ: Thanks for your time James. Really appreciate the insight.

If you made it this far reading this piece, make sure you check out THC Emporium in person as soon as you can. Find the location nearest you on the THC Emporium website. Know someone doing great things in the CannaBiz? Please drop us a line HERE

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