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Tori Mitchell from Unplug Cannabis Orleans

Meet Tori Mitchell Lead/Keyholder at Unplug Cannabis Orleans

KJ: Tell us about your store/location. Where is it and why is it special?

Tori: Unplug Cannabis (Orleans) is located on Trim Rd, in Orleans Ottawa. Orleans is quite a large suburb of Ottawa, so It has been really great to be able to cater to consumers who used to have to go far to shop, but not only that there is a whole new demographic of people here who are just trying cannabis products for the first time. It is such a privilege to be able educate and help people find products that work best for them.

KJ: Please tell us what separates you from your competition?

Tori: I’d say Unplugs main focus is education. Whether we are educating our consumers on new products or getting a little bit more in depth about the plant we all love, Unplug strives to lead those important conversations. We also focus on educating our budtenders and ensuring we are all keeping up to date with new products or trends we see in the market. We love chatting about cannabis and are always excited when a consumer has questions for us. I feel that is really what sets us aside from our competition.

KJ: Tell us about you and your people. How long have you been doing this? Any interesting stories to share about your journey to get where you are?

Tori: I grew up here in Orléans but moved away for about 8 years for school. I recently moved back and got started in the industry at Unplug in October 2020 and wow have I lucked out! I feel very fortunate to have found such a great group of people to work and learn from everyday. I work with people who have been in the industry since legalization and even some from before legalization and there is just so much I’ve already learnt from them in this short amount of time.

KJ: Can you share your vision of the future of your shop? The Cannabis industry in general?

Tori: The future of Unplug Cannabis is bright. We are only getting bigger and better and as the industry grows so will we! I think the industry is just getting more and more creative with all the new products coming out, and I can only imagine what ideas companies will come up with, within the next few years. I think we will also see more and more people trying cannabis as the years go on and it becomes less stigmatized. Personally, I would love to be able to go to a bar that serves some THC beverages and maybe some cannabis infused food, as I’ve seen in the U.S. So hopefully we get there too someday.

KJ: Give us one recommendation each for a TV Show, Movie, Book

Tori: My go-to TV show is Parks and Recreation, it makes me laugh without fail. My favourite movie would have to be Across the Universe, and my current favourite book (although that changes all the time) is We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

KJ: Thanks for your time Tori. Really appreciate the insight.

If you made it this far reading this piece, make sure you check out Unplug Cannabis three locations in person as soon as you can. Find the location nearest you on the Unplug Cannabis website. Know someone doing great things in the CannaBiz? Please drop us a line HERE

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