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UNPLUG Cannabis Kanata and Adam Nash Weed Storage Containers

Meet Adam Nash Team Lead at Unplug Cannabis Kanata

KJ: Right off the top, tell us about Unplug Cannabis. Where are you located and what can someone expect now that they can visit you in person?

Adam: Our store is located at 4055 Carling Avenue in Kanata. By being in close proximity to many restaurants, businesses and residential areas there are a vast variety of customers that can be seen coming in and out of our store. We keep this in mind and create a welcoming environment for any kind of consumer, allowing us to curate a customer’s experience to reflect their unique interests, assuring that they leave our store happy, educated and looking forward to coming back.

KJ: Love the concept of ‘curating the experience’. Very cool. Does that translate to the website as well?

Adam: We are constantly looking to improve our customer’s experience when browsing our online menu. We are currently in the midst of revamping our aesthetics and presentation to make our website much more user friendly. One aspect that makes our website unique is the ability to “book a budtender”. This grants individuals an opportunity to have a one on one discussion with one of our knowledgeable budtenders who can answer any and all questions you may have regarding cannabis. With this feature we can have more extensive dialogue with individuals to assure that they themselves are knowledgeable of the different forms of cannabis and its different effects prior to even entering one of our locations.

KJ: I’m totally sold on the idea of ‘Book a Budtender’. I picture it like a concierge at a hotel - who’s purpose is to be there for you… for questions, answers, ideas and knowledge on all things Cannabis. Can you share with us how you got started and where did the idea for ‘Unplug Cannabis’ come from?

Adam: I first entered the cannabis industry in September of 2019, where I met many of my current co-workers. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic a series of unfortunate events occurred leading to many of us having to find new work, from there a small group of us came together and began video calling to begin planning for the opening of a new store “Unplug Cannabis Co.” in Orleans, Ontario. Throughout the summer of 2020 and into the fall we conducted regular meetings, figuring out exactly what we wanted from the store and the best ways to achieve our goals. By having so many unique minds working together we were able to be extremely productive while never missing an opportunity to laugh and enjoy each other’s digital company! Now 8 months after opening our first location we have two new locations, one in Westboro and one in Kanata. While we grow we wish to maintain the inclusiveness that we were originally aiming for back in June 2020.

KJ: Digital becomes physical. That’s a mantra of ours at KookiJar, so we are on the same page. So great to hear your story and a little bit of the vision. Besides expansion and maybe more ‘Unplugs’, what are your thoughts on the future of your shops and maybe the Cannabis industry in general?

Adam: I believe that the future of our shop will depend largely on what our customers are drawn towards. We have seen with Cannabis 2.0 products that cannabis can have many more applications than simply smoking it. When I envision the future of our shop and the Cannabis Industry in general it is encapsulated by these new products. Through the creation of new beverages, edibles, topicals and other forms of consumption, recreational cannabis will become a much more welcoming industry, drawing in new consumers as well as introducing veteran consumers to something new that may suite their needs more appropriately. Over time, the types of individuals who will be purchasing cannabis products will only become more diverse as companies find new ways to use the benefits of this wonderous plant to its greatest potential.

KJ: Listening to your customers and new product creation are so key. Cheers for sharing. And now switching gears a bit, can you recommend a show, a movie, an a book?

Adam: Show: Master of None. Movie: Princess Mononoke. Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

KJ: Thanks for your time Adam. Really appreciate the insight.

If you made it this far reading this piece, make sure you check out Unplug Cannabis three locations in person as soon as you can. Find the location nearest you on the Unplug Cannabis website. Know someone doing great things in the CannaBiz? Please drop us a line HERE
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